The Dark Art Show

Dark art has been created by artists as far back as art historians have studied.  The need to express an overwhelming feeling, or experience of the wonders of death, pain of life or hell found here on earth as projected into the past, present or future, serves to touch the primal thoughts, questions and desires of what it is to be human.  Most often expressed in dark colors, a surreal tone, distortion and the macabre, the metaphorical or actual monster, figures prominently.  The intention of the artist, to express, perhaps exorcise, these primal feelings or reactions, goes to the core of what Dark Art is.  The intent or need of the artist is at its core.


Estevan Oriol

Camille Rose Garcia 

Jim "TAZ" Evans

Isaac Pelayo

Haydee Escobar 

BIOWORKZ a.k.a. Ben Kwok

Adam Bravin

Lin Fei Fei

Tyler Scully





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