Outpost 12 is a collection curated by Kevin Titzer, printed on bamboo paper and featuring Douglas Miller, Alex Kuno and P-Jay Fidler. More to come...

"I'm very happy to be collaborating with Sugar Press to bring you the "Outpost 12" print collection. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to curate such a talented group of artists who are all at the top of their game. My intent was to compile a series of works that can stand on, and also in the end, have a nice flow and cohesion when presented together. I'd like to thank Sugar Press and all of the artists involved for all of their hard work in bringing this body of work together. Stay tuned for the coming installments. Beautiful art is headed your way."    -Kevin Titzer


About the curator:

Kevin Titzer has been creating art and curating art exhibitions & immersive experiences for twenty plus years. 

His own sculptures are primarily carved from wood, although found and recycled materials are also a prominent ingredient as well. The focus of his work is often on a reoccurring cast of characters and their misadventures, inevitable bad ideas and accordions. Kevin was born and raised in Indiana, although he’s currently based in the snowy hinterlands of Quebec. He likes pie.

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