Castro Frank

Castro Frank, a self-taught artist and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA, draws richly from his upbringing in the San Fernando Valley to shape his distinct artistic style. His childhood and environment deeply influence his work, infusing it with the unique essence and spirit of his early experiences. This personal connection to his roots is evident in his creations, as he seamlessly blends elements of his past with his present craft, resulting in art that is both deeply personal and universally resonant.Castro’s work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions across California with institutions including Eastern Projects, Tlaloc Gallery, Rvcc Gallery, We Rise Gallery, and Super Chief Gallery. His work has been featured in television networks utilizing his work in their stage design. His work has also been featured in large public installations and charity campaigns with nonprofit organizations, such as INCLUSIVACTION, to benefit the Los Angeles community. Additionally, works by Castro is featured in the Jumex Museum’s founder, Eugenio Lopez’s, private collection. His work received praise in prominent publications such as The Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times.Castro’s work continues to evolve into new mediums, methods, and subjects. Through the development of his practice, he is excited to find new ways to capture the everyday. As he journeys on to create astounding imagery, paintings, and sculptures. 

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