Franceska Gamez

Franceska Gamez is a visual artist, born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area. You can find her painting murals, creating fully immersive installations, and detailed sculptures. Her work is characterized by an elegant blend of abstract and representational forms, layered with symbolism and full of life. Her murals are loud, rooted in storytelling, community collaboration, social practice, history, and advocacy. Her practice in the arts has led to dynamic bouts in carpentry, writing, curation, art conservation,  community organization and project management.

She is co-founder of 1810 Gallery and member of M5 Arts. Both organizations exist to advocate on behalf of working artists.  She is a member of Trust Your Struggle, a collective of visual artists, educators, and cultural workers dedicated to social justice and community activism through art. Her artwork can be seen throughout California, the East Coast, overseas in Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Photo by Kevin Fiscus

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