SUGARPRESS ARE GO, ARTISTS WHO LOVE TOYS taps into popular culture and our collective unconscious to make a connection with the viewer, placing them in a moment compelling to the artist and enlightening for our time and viewer.

DESIGNERCOM is the annual art and design convention that mashes up collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art.  The new exhibit SUGARPRESS ARE GO is the perfect fit, featuring prints by Jim “TAZ” Evans, CES, Dave Pressler, Tanner Goldbeck, Brian J. Hoffman and Nikita Arefkia.

Toys have been used in and as art for centuries.  Leonard Da Vinci’s lion robot, the toys we find today in archeological digs, toys represented with children in portraiture, are a few.  Chess sets, as far as back as the 6th century are considered art, then Calder invented mobiles to make his work playful, and more recently Koons has supersized toys, making them art. 

In our time, the merging of collectable toys and art was brought into mainstream and mastery by Murakami’s joyous, color filled work, which transcends the page, wall and object, touching something eager and happy in the mass collective unconscious.  Murakami was perfectly timed as he taped into the new social media phenomenon sweeping the earth with an entirely new “smily face.”
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