Cat Hothan

“An open gate to the imagination” is how Cat Hot Hands describes her artistic impulse and creative work.  A native Southern Californian, courageous woman and lifelong natural talent, Cat Hot Hands is engaged in the Long Beach and Los Angeles art scenes.

A devastating cancer diagnosis and life long healing process ahead, allows Cat Hot Hands to immerse herself into her life’s work and escape into creating, as a very real means of survival.

With a unique graphic style, capturing people she admires, interpreting music into visual cues, and letting her imagination expand, Cat Hot Hands is moved to bridge the gap between the second and third dimension.  Her use of paint, found objects and clay, go beyond the borders and barriers we are used to, creating intimacy with the viewer.

Cat Hot Hands aka Cat Hothan, exhibits her work regularly and belongs to the SUGAR PRESS ART stable of artists.


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