The 3rd Annual Exhibition is brought to you by Eddie Donaldson, a.k.a. GuerillaOne, Jim “TAZ” Evans, and Anne Martin of Sugar Press Art.  The show will feature a diverse array of LA based artists, showcasing their work across a variety of mediums and genres that best describes their own interpretation of LOVE LA STYLE and their vision of civic pride for Los Angeles. The exhibition will be on view at the Spring Arts Gallery located inside theThe Last Bookstore (453 S. Spring St Los Angeles, CA) from January 30th to February 27th and online at

Artists for LOVE LOS ANGELES STYLE 2022 include:

Agapito, Annie Preece, Antonio Pelayo, Bagel & Vision,  Beth Bowen, Booh, Cici Luv, Clae, Colette Miller, David Arquette, DTLA Jay, Duel Diagnosis, Elsa Jon Vidal, Estevan Oriol, Francesca Quintano, Germizm, Gregory Clewlow, Guerin Swing, Hannah Streety, Haydee Escobar, HEAVEN, HOLA, Isaac Pelayo, Ivan Butorac, Jim “TAZ” Evans, Joanne Chew, Life after Death, Lindsay Dawn, Love Crew, Menso, Mickey Avalon, NYSE, OG ABEL, Pablo Damas, Patrick Hoelck, Raymond Leon Roker, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Richard Bell, RISK, Rolland Berry, Sean Flores, Sean Kushner, Sel, Skinhead Rob,  Teachr, Tommy Hollenstein, & WISE Aka Michael Delahaut.

“Thank you for creating, collaborative, community service opportunities across our country to empower life altered trauma survivors through artistic expression, medical collaboration and human connection. We feel blessed to serve along side your leadership activations.” Laura Sharpe Artists For Trauma Founder, CEO.

The Last Bookstore is California’s largest used and new book and record store. The name was chosen with irony but seems more appropriate with each passing day as physical bookstores die out like dinosaurs. In addition to over 250,000 books on two floors, including our new Arts & Rare Book Annex, Vinyl Records and Graphic Novels. The mezzanine level includes the Labyrinth, the Spring Arts Collective and Gallery.  Truly something for everyone.

Proceeds from the show will benefit Artists For Trauma:

AFT is dedicated to enriching the lives of both civilian and military trauma survivors by pairing recovering patients with established artists from various creative disciplines. In our signature aim to expedite the quality of the longterm recovery process for the significantly altered trauma survivor; we provide and facilitate FUN, adaptive, artistic platforms designed to provide free of charge, evidencebased, interactive, healing programs. 

“We are excited for the future as we expand into new communities outside of Los Angeles like Malibu Philadelphia and Louisville. Love is the answer.” Eddie Donaldson