Carlos Sosa

ArtsbySosa - Carlos Fernando Sosa is a local L.A. artist, who was born in Colombia, lived in France, New York, and New Jersey. He sees, feels, and captures the energy that is ever flowing around us. Growing up he noticed and felt Manhattan’s city lights, culture, streets, alleys, bridges and architecture. Later on the fashion, club, and music world of the 90’s opened him up to new levels of creative freedom. These elements influenced his direction in art. 
Moving to California in 2001, witnessing the deserts, mountains and endless oceans he knew he had to combine this newly experienced natural beauty with the energy and heartbeat New York City left within, and translate it onto canvas. Taking a leap of faith, he left his corporate 9 to 5 job to pursue art full time.
Painting is how he breathes, creating through spirit. His approach to painting is by mostly using his hands, as brushes. He combines any organic matter Mother Earth has to offer into his works. Including but not limited to sand, flowers, leaves, and rocks. Combining these elements with paint leads to dynamic original one of a kind artworks. 
His inspiration is ever present from being alive, in the moment, and observing nature, connecting to the cosmos and the evolution of humanity.
His works have been featured in art shows and film. He has participated in various collective mural projects. He has donated many of his works to be auctioned for non-profit organizations. He enjoys volunteering with people of all ages and sharing his approach to art from a different perspective.
He states “Painting is how I breathe; it gives me life and is an extension of all things. It’s a connection to higher consciousness. To inspire, create, and love one another is our greatest gift. I Be. I Am. Create.”

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