Tim Baron

Tim Baron - artist, illustrator, skateboarder, and creator of Astro Zombie.

Inspired by classic monsters, comic book art, and vintage advertising, Tim’s signature graphic style is filled with energy and attitude. He’s worked for companies like Birdhouse, Plan B, Creature, H-Street, GoHero, and Super7.

Tim has become a go-to designer in the skate world, working with renowned skaters like Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Chris Joslin, and Matt Hensley.

Tim's toy and packaging work can be found in beloved properties such as They Live, Lost Boys, Anthrax, King Diamond, and Rancid for Super7's ReAction figure line.

In late 2022, Super7 released action figures of Tim’s original character “Astro Zombie,” which quickly sold out, setting the stage for more great original projects.

Beyond design, Tim shares his passion for art by offering advice for young creatives on his popular Instagram channel @TimBaronArt.

Tim continues to shred the streets with his skateboard and bleeds art everywhere he goes. His life mission can be captured by four simple but combustible words - "Go Skate. Go Create."

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