Gino Perez

From the beginning, Gino was surrounded by art.  Gino’s Mother is an avid arts and crafts enthusiast. She spends her spare time designing and sewing one of a kind items as a hobby. Gino’s father was an artist and would spend hours at an easel drawing and painting. 

Growing up in Highland Park, CA. he immersed himself into perfecting his skill and at the age of 17 he began traveling the world as a professional skateboarder with such notables as Mark Gonzalez. It was through his travels that Gino came into contact with the works of Picasso, Miro and Basquiat. 

Gino hopes his art inspires people to be comfortable with their own story and background and be motivated to express themselves in any creative form. “Live for today, art for Pete’s sake.”


Photo by Birdman Photos

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