Michelle Hoogveld

Canadian contemporary artist Michelle Hoogveld brings her vibrant style to varied mediums worldwide, from walls to canvases, public installations to design, print editions, fashion, and more. In compositions of bold patterns and textile-like blockings of color, she weaves together an intricate tapestry of who we are as people, the places we encounter and the one thing that connects us all - love.

Creating a visual language that draws upon human emotion and the resonance of color, Hoogveld deftly blends precise design with flowing emotion, paying special attention to the powerful and subjective emotional effect of color. Leaving room for her work to affect viewers long after they’ve walked away, her abstracts have impressive staying power. Her work leaves an undeniable impression on the viewers and their hearts.

Her multidisciplinary academic background in Visual Communication and Design from Lynn University and a BEd in Art Education from the University of British Columbia provided a unique foundation for her career in art.

With impressive large-scale murals, including "Dazzle my Heart" standing 14 stories in Montreal and the 13,500 square foot mural "Technicolor" in Hoboken, Hoogveld’s colorful works have touched people across the world. Showcased in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, England and Spain, Hoogveld aims to push the boundaries where color and emotion coalesce, celebrating the richly saturated, ever-changing, expressions of the heart. Each mural, often inspired by her canvas pieces, starts with organic, flowing shapes in her studio, which she then meticulously refines, adding geometric touches to create pieces with breathtaking brightness.

Hoogveld's work is a beacon of positivity, urging us all to find our color, our passion, and our heart.

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