Tex Hammond

At just 16 years old, Tex Hammond is already deeply embedded in the art world, a feat that speaks to his artistic prowess, incredible work ethic, and inherent talent. Born Jefferson Texas Hammond on January 31, 2007 in Los Angeles, California, he began painting at a very early age. From those first forays into art, his love and understanding of the medium were apparent, foreshadowing a long and varied career. Little did his family and friends know he would be

staring down a successful career starting in his early teens. Inspired by various media including graffiti, video games, music, and abstract art, Hammond deftly incorporates the pop culture interests synonymous with youth into each and every one of his pieces. Using abstract techniques and unconventional surfaces, he is taking a definitive step towards modernizing classic genres, simultaneously giving “trash” a second, eco-conscious life and beauty. In the span of three years, Hammond has already held three solo shows in Los Angeles, each of which demonstrated an inspiring balance between artistry and philanthropy. His accomplishments are impressive–regardless of his age which only emphasizes this further–including charitable donations to The Tree Academy for the Creative Arts in West Hollywood, Miles 4 Migrants, and PS ARTS, creating LA’s first ever drive-thru art show, being the youngest ever exhibitor at the LA Art Show two years in a row with sold out shows, featured work in HBO’s The Hype, and a feature in the LA Times. Even amongst a backdrop of immense, established talent, Tex stands out. 

Hammond is a young and new name in the art world, but his unique perspective and willingness to experiment with different media is already setting him apart. While he is constantly refining and defining his own style, the frenetic energy shaping the artist’s perspective is a constant. His art serves as a window into the mind of a young talent maturing in a chaotic world.


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