Orion Owens

Orion Owens is a fine art photographer from San Diego, California. His unique approach to photography explores the limits of emerging aerial imaging technologies and their relationship to human creativity and physical accessibility. Owens’ abstract and starkly captivating work reveals the similarities between environmental transformation and the process of human rehabilitation throughout time and space. Themes of perception, psychedelia, and environmentalism run throughout Owens’ work and offer the viewer an opportunity to wander amongst the details of each abstract landscape.

Owens’ work embraces an adaptive approach towards image making and serves as a testament to the abilities and capabilities of the high functioning quadriplegic community. A core element of Owens’ practice involves encouraging other individuals with similar spinal cord injuries to pursue creative endeavors that assist and enhance the rehabilitation process.

Prior to his work as an aerial photographer, Owens’ work focused primarily on landscape and action sports. His work has been featured in nationally televised commercials, printed advertisements and in fine art galleries. He has collaborated with brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Billabong and been featured in publications such as Surfing Magazine. 

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