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"In a certain high energy corner of the art world, Eddie Donaldson is in the eye of the hurricane, the calm center in a maelstrom of deals, shows, new art, sales, and most importantly relationships. Great art has a lot to do with who you know, and Eddie knows everyone, and everyone knows Eddie. His friendship, advice, and knowledge of art have been the key to moving my career forward over the course of our relationship. Eddie is the hammer that drives the nail."
—jim “TAZ" evans
“I have known G1 for over 20 years. In that time I have watched him overcome obstacles and grow both artistically and as a human being. In fact, had it not been for G1 and his undying support of the art community, I more than likely wouldn’t even be a part of it. Thank you G1!”
—Life After Death Street
“The rebirth of Guerillaone is great because it’s always been an awesome resource for people looking to see what’s going on in the real core graffiti scene, also music and stuff that is gangsta gangsta.”
—Shepard Fairey
“Eddie Donaldson has been a staple in the LA urban lifestyle game for over 35 years, Eddie originally caught my eye when he started working for House of Pain and Soul Assassins. if you needed something done, Eddie took care of business. Through the years I would see Eddie at all the important events, and I realized that if you want your art at the right place, he’s your man. In 2012 Eddie saw some of my old street art & asked if I would like to come down to the Fame Festival and bring some cans, the rest is history!”
—Guerin Swing