Emigrants_lesbos2 by Paul Leibow

Emigrants_lesbos2 by Paul Leibow

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Artist: Paul Leibow

Title: Emigrants_lesbos2

Edition: Archival pigment print on 100% recycled Sugar Paper, from an edition of 30

Size: 16 x 20 inches (40.64 x 50.8 cm)

Markings: Signed and hand numbered, Sugar Press chop mark

Date: 2020

About the work:

A dusky painting work informed by 
looking at exodus with ghosted figures in the open oceans
Found in desolate waters for their family as their only alternative.
Unnerved their small crafts float over schools of flapping stingrays
as they migrate away from worse horrors.
Pelicans glide in twos and threes.
Swoop in low and hover the surface in aerial waves.
Characters shift change from No-bodies who suffer the
alt rights of spring as icon that guard over us,                      
soaked in shade like Moai our Easter Island heads.
On over stuffed rafts in storms with rouge breakers
that thunder in from out of nowhere.               
Cracks open the sky
Massive close-outs humble all before
crashing over in a rinse-cycle of mayhem.
Families float in and out of dangers
out of breadth briefly grasping a glimpse.



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