Behind Great Truth by Matt Eddmenson Behind Great Truth by Matt Eddmenson
Behind Great Truth by Matt Eddmenson Behind Great Truth by Matt Eddmenson
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Behind Great Truth by Matt Eddmenson

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Artist: Matt Eddmenson

Title: Behind Great Truth


Limited Edition of 80 Archival pigment print on sustainable Bamboo Paper.

Plus 3 Hand Painted Multiples (variants) Each uniquely embellished with ink, color pencil and collage.

Size: 16 x 13 inches

Markings: Hand signed and numbered with Sugar Press chop mark.

Date: 2020


"There is a constant battle in my work that positions itself between taking something that is well drafted/executed and then destroying it to some degree.  By planting a mark or a scribble so deliberately that it then becomes the new focal point of the piece.  A simple act of “messing it up” so that the work takes on a dual personality as if there are two artist working in tandem. I personally have never been completely satisfied with a well executed drawing, the inner child in me wants to scribble over top of it so that the viewer is left with an uneasiness to choose between realism and abstraction.  This series stems from collecting comics as a child where the past owners would scribble over the pages of the comics with random words, phone numbers and drawings.  This act of self expression hurt the value of these vintage comics but always held a special place in my eyes.”


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