5 Suenos Azules by Castro Frank

5 Suenos Azules by Castro Frank

Brand: Original Art
SKU: SP0629

Artist: Castro Frank

Title: 5 Suenos Azules

Medium: Silkscreen & Acrylic on canvas

Size: 40 x 30 inches approximate 

Markings: Signed & Dated on verso

Date: 2023



In this series of paintings, I've sought to replicate a single image repeatedly: my original film photograph capturing a little girl running through the projects at night. This repetitive artistic endeavor is rooted in a concept that deeply resonates with a nostalgic moment from childhood. Each iteration of the painting aims to not only mirror the physical action but also to amplify and explore the emotional depth and timeless feeling of joy and freedom associated with that memory. Through the repetitive portrayal of this scene, I invite the viewer to delve into the layers of nostalgia, each image transfer on the canvas offering a slightly different shade and placement of the same memory.

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