Chronicles from My Apartment (painting) by Isaac Pelayo

Chronicles from My Apartment (painting) by Isaac Pelayo

Brand: Original Art

Artist: Isaac Pelayo

Title: Chronicles from My Apartment 

Medium: Oil, oil stick, and aerosol on panel

Size: 24 x 18 inches

Markings: Signed on Verso

Date: 2021



Street Baroque explores innocence and influence, unveiling the depths of my personality and interests. Growing up I was most inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque Periods, and the Street Art Movement--studying the first and observing the second. I’ve long been drawn to the combination of new and old, the juxtaposition of two things which don’t inherently belong together. I’ve always painted with the intention of learning from the masters before me, and continuing the line of old artists inspiring new ones. With this collaboration between the parts of me that are poetic and joyful and the parts of me that are rebellious, and carefree, I know that I am doing what I’m supposed to do. Maybe someday years after my demise a young striving artist will pick up my brush and continue where I left off. Until then I have a cheap date with insomnia and some paint to push…

Isaac Pelayo

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