Sick: A Disturbing Dictionary for Turbulent Times is a dark, unforgiving  110 page poke at the coffee table book genre with words by Isaac Cronin and Elizabeth Riley and illustrations by Rohitash Rao. 

Sugar Press Art  exclusively offers ten prints in a bold, take-no-prisoners style.  Rao’s 50 illustrations are barbed counterpoints created in styles ranging from surreal to accusatory to disturbing. The definitions are drawn from the movement against the commodification of daily life, Corona epidemic vocabulary and terms that address the apocalyptic crisis in disease and medicine.

Sick is respectfully intended as a slap in the face as we seem to settle in early for a warm winter’s nap that appears to some more like hibernation.  As the Sick Bureau’s mission statement lays it part “We are sick because if we stopped comforting each other some real shit might go down and it’s about time.”

*In light of restrictions related to the corona virus and out of an abundance of caution the gallery event that was planned has been postponed to a later date. In the meantime, you can visit our website for more from the Sick Bureau.


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