Live Without Fear

The Vive Sin Miedo (Live without Fear) Project is dedicated to rebuilding the human infrastructure after natural disasters. Their goal is to provide access to trauma services for marginalized populations and at risk youth, working in schools and childcare facilities. This is an innovative psychological campaign that provides tools to survivors of natural disasters, to help them confront their fear, reduce violence and aggression and build resilience within the most vulnerable of populations during times of chaos and destruction.

EcuadorThe Urban Art Component was developed by Erin Yoshi, muralist for social justice, to transform and reactivate spaces following the earthquake. As a village heavily dependent on tourism, the look and feel of Canoa is of value to re-stimulate the devastated tourism economy. The goal of the Urban Art interventions is to rekindle the human spirit with a sense of hope.

“We’ve learned that fear is invisible. I think that is why kids are drawn to our art interventions. Often times trauma services are difficult to implement on such a massive scale and are often easy to overlook because trauma remains unseen” Patricia White; Program Coordinator & survivor.







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