Shiminga Forney

Shiminga has dabbled in the arts from modeling, and music, to acting and directing, but never has she found as much love and satisfaction given back from any of her passions as she does when she is painting. She loves to create paintings with texture and wants all of her creations to be companions that their owners can hold, feel, and love. Shiminga’s art is a direct expression of her creativity in a meditative state. Minga creates unique abstract acrylic paintings on glass sheets, and sometimes she paints on paper.  One day Minga was meditating in her favorite spot on her balcony, and something told her to paint on glass. She immediately removed an 8x10 glass sheet from one of the picture frames in her home and found some of her childrens paint to paint on the glass sheet. This was beyond satisfying to her and she has been painting predominantly on glass since that moment. In addition to painting in a meditative state, she paints with the intention of love, positivity, and healing in hopes that those that embrace her pieces are transformed by them as well. Every night Minga drowns her art in 528 Hz of the Solfeggio Frequency and other loving tunes to keep them vibrating with positive frequencies. Minga’s goal is to send every painting to its new home already resonating with the high frequency of love and positivity.

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