Sebastien Walker

Sebastien Walker was born & raised in Paris, in a Franco-American musical household. He graduated from a graphic design/ illustration school there. He then worked in various advertising/design agencies in Paris and then in LA when he moved there in 2007. He pursued a Master’s degree at Otis School of Art and Design, and graduated with a MFA in 2011. He has since worked as a freelance designer (for clients such as Hasbro, Nissan USA, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Iggy Azalea, MTV, Montblanc, Balenciaga...) and has developed as an artist in both illustration, fine art and public art. He has been a member of The Seventh Letter crew since 2013, doing different projects within the group & solo work (live painting at various events such as EDC, and multiple group shows around the world in Paris, LA, Palm Springs, Hong-Kong and Dallas) (Daax Gallery, Merry Kranowsky Gallery, Gallery 446, Waas Gallery, Known Gallery). His first solo show debuted at The Seventh Letter Gallery in 2017. His compelling interest in urban art has ultimately brought him back to the cartoon world he grew up admiring, as he creates his own idiom within a childlike iconography, giving it a more adult twist. His creations appear to be for children, but in fact address adult subject matters.

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