Sandy Shimooka

Sandy Shimooka’s art, writing, photo essays and storytelling are the result of an eclectic mix of studies that include: anthropology, archeology, art history, cinema, literature, and photography. She has been positively influenced by experiences traveling as well as a diverse life, family and friends. Her work reflects a passion for art, nature, people and cultures and often shows an eye for detail and aesthetics. Her approach is to try and relate, understand, learn and be open to new experiences and points of view. 
Her collaged images are inspired by a combination of styles from "kirigami" (a Japanese method of creating pictures by cutting and folding paper, similar to origami) as well as telling stories through the assemblage of recycled and found materials, combined with the technique of cutting newspaper and magazines and using "ransom note font" for narration. Another important influence is Henry Matisse and his "Cut-Outs" as a way of creating brush strokes with paper instead of paint or as Matisse described it: "painting with scissors."
The "Souvenirs of Progress" series is based on reproduced newspapers with stories that have relevance to current day issues. The series began after the election of 2016, when she pulled out a newspaper from the day she was born to think about all of the civil rights and progress that has been made and what responsiblily each generation had to carry the torch forward. "I wanted to do something in tribute to, and so that current generations did not forget or take for granted, the progress that has been made by those that marched, protested, fought (and some that lost their lives or were jailed) to enable the freedom and liberties that we enjoy today. I used reproduced newspaper pages of The Star-Bulletin dated July 13 of 1970, the day I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii."
#PluckTheDay #SouvenirsOfProgress #UrbanIconic
She has a B.A. in Social Science from University of California, Berkeley and after graduation, she continued to study photography and art history at Santa Monica College. Sandy speaks English natively, intermediate Spanish and some Catalan. She was born in Hawaii and has lived in San Diego, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. 
Her "Herencia Trilogy" narrative library, art piece and writing, was recently on view in the 2016 Getty Underground art show: 
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