olive47 wants to save your over-stimulated soul. Currently centering her work in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, this street artist, printmaker, illustrator, toy designer, (and sometimes cult leader) is on a mission to bring a calm to the chaos of modern living. Taking cues from the psychology of kawaii, and the beautiful, yet gothic appreciation of the nature that permeated her southern upbringing, olive47 seeks to create a sense of unique familiarity in the symbols and characters that inhabit her work in an attempt to deliver the viewer into a more well-adjusted state of being through the visual dialogues created in her imagery. 
She has  exhibited internationally in solo and group shows at venues such as Nelson Street Gallery (ATL), Breeze Block Gallery (Portland OR), Gabba Gallery (Los Angeles) and San Diego Comic Con. Her colour-filled naturescapes can be seen in numerous street art/graffiti blogs and publications; and her work is held in the permanent collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Centennial Olympic Parks Dept. 
Her heroes are Buckminster Fuller, Joseph Campbell, Prince, and David Bowie.
Likes:  tiny mammals, hollyhocks, dub music, and white middle-class kids who pretend to be gangstas.
Dislikes: olives, anise or banana flavored items.
She was once rumoured to be the bastard daughter of Tammy Faye Bakker, and her friends tell her she’s a good dancer. She might be in love with you.
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