Gary Palmer

Born in Belfast in 1968, Gary grew up in the small town of Holywood in County Down, Northern Ireland. After graduating with a masters degree in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh he travelled around the world as a streetpainter. His anamorphic perspective illusions have been featured at festivals in Europe, Australia, and the US. Gary has undertaken commissions for the Ulster Museum, for Public Art in London, and was invited to participate in the Bienal del Sur in Panama in 2013. His public works are published in A Carpet of Dream, (RJD enterprises), 3D Streetart (Tectum), and Chalk on Street (Magcloud).

‘Fault-line’, a recent drawing installation at Robert Berman Gallery. takes the 3D street art into more conceptual territory, toward the site-specific transformation of an environment.

The Road to Zanzibar, a series of abstract narrative paintings on canvas based on a journey in East Africa define a unique narrative language in painting.

‘Distillations’ are a series of abstract interpretations of traditional modes of painting such as landscape, portrait, and figure, in the medium of Japanese sumi ink. ‘Distilled Landscapes’ were installed as a continuous horizon line circumnavigating the space at Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Bergamot Station, reducing the traditional landscape down to a minimalist interpretation.

The most recent works are conceptual paintings relating to a series of brief writings about the territory where art and physics intersect – ‘on the nature of nature – the Architecture of Space and Time’... 

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