Emily Van Horn

I find myself more engaged by the non-literal.  It allows for greater possibility to find meaning on a deeper level.  I draw inspiration from seemingly random juxtapositions.  Principles of quantum physics, the crumbling splendor of a half torn down apartment in Barcelona, an engaging soundtrack can all become resources.

My paintings represent the distillation of accumulated experiences and how they’ve been instinctively contained and translated.  Each piece begins as a journal entry using paint instead of words.  Color, line, shape, and collage become the vehicle for creating a visual map of where I’ve been and where I want to go.

I tend to express myself in fragments or small pieces of information which give subtle reference to an idea, feeling, or experience.  With support of the grid for structure, words become marks and a dialogue begins.  A hierarchy emerges and decisions are made regarding what is essential and what to let go of. Layering and removing paint, adding and covering lines, the conversation continues until a particular frequency resonates and there is a sense of balance and connection.

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