Darcy Yates

Darcy Yates is a So-Cal native who grew up in the Los Angeles Forest. Her artistic journey began at a young age by visual problem solving through color. Unable to shake her visual awareness, she embraced her career as an artist. Yates received her BA from California State University Northridge (CSUN) in 2013.  She has been featured in galleries, periodicals and collections throughout the United States. Yates’ work captures the spirit of soul and imagination through colors and shapes. Vintage photography plays a significant role in Yates’ art. Yates plays with the idea of re-purposing of what once was lost. These forgotten photographs are recreated through the visual eye of Yates’ imagination. Her favorite tool is The Spirograph because of childish innocence it suggests. Her use of different media balances the stories that coincide with each piece. Her work evokes the feelings of a child walking through a dark and silent hallway; frightened but ceaselessly curious of what lies ahead. 

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